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About Us


Every civilized society needs a non-profit, charitable, and voluntary institutions to support government entities, address one’s humanity, and pave the way for the development of human goodness for the benefit of society in all fields.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a pioneering role in the charitable field as it is the first incubator of Islam, which is the religion that urges its adherents to do good deeds as much as they can. As such, the concept of “endowment” or institutions of charitable proceeds came into existence.

The Kingdom’s pioneering role in the charitable field is not restricted inside the Kingdom; rather, it is extended to every region of the world through national institutions or active contribution in charitable institutions worldwide, making the Kingdom at the forefront in this field based on the tangible outcomes.

One of the noblest charitable fields, if not the noblest, is the health field. Citizens having a comprehensive health care is a key for prosperity and development of any society. If the health charitable field is accompanied by professionalism and supported by a specialist research center, then it will reach the highest goal and will be on the right track.

In the health charitable field, King Faisal Specialist Hospital Foundation “Wareef Charity” receives unlimited support by the government and private sector as well as from its professional team, strives to overcome all challenges and difficulties, and committed to realize its vision, mission and objectives.