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Endowment Award of Mohammad bin Saleh Al-Rajhi for Internal Medicine Research

The award was an initiative of Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Rajhi to support the Internal Medicine Department in the hospital by providing a number of prizes and financial grants for the distinguished scientific research of the Internal Medicine Department.

Target Group:

أطباء عيادات الطب الباطني في المستشفى.

Venue Scope:

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre.

Financial Scope:

11,000,000 ريال سعودي

Project Justifications:

  • motivate medical staff in the internal medicine clinics to improve private scientific research.
  • Improve the quality of research issued by the internal medicine clinics.
  • Increase the number of researches issued by the internal medicine clinics.
  • Raise the level of motivation, enthusiasm, and competition among internal medicine physicians.

Facts and Figures:

Distribute revenues, to be divided into two types of awards, in each department, the first: to support conducting research. The second: as financial rewards for the best-completed research.
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