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Mertah Project

Provide a system that helps patients adapt and relax during their long stay in the hospital, including (providing snacks, dedicating free recreation or relaxation areas at the hospital, and organizing recreational activities on weekends) and other services that do not fall within the hospital's services.

Target Group:

Inpatients with cancer or incurable diseases hospitalized for prolonged periods, and escorts whose number ranges from 50 to 70 patients per week..

Venue Scope:

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre in Jeddah

Financial Scope:

SAR 400,000

Project Justifications:

  • Improve patients' experience during their prolonged stay in the hospital.
  • Provide a suitable environment for patients during their stay in the hospital.
  • Improving patients' psychology.
  • Relive patients' suffering and support them psychologically.

Facts and Figures:

  • Organize entertainment trips for patients able to leave the hospital with their families every weekend (one of the shopping malls near the hospital)
  • Provide free meals for them and free game cards for pediatric patients.
  • Launch the Virtual Visit Program, where 4 tablets and data SIMs were provided to enable patients to communicate with their families to enhance the mental health of inpatients during the period of preventing direct visits as part of the precautionary measures of the COVID-19 pandemic.