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Autism Research Centre Project

An autism research Centre aims to adapt and harmonize the latest evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic methods, in addition to conducting advanced research to reach a more accurate and deeper understanding of autism causes and detect early diagnosis methods, in cooperation with various local, regional, and international centers.

Target Group:

People with autism, their families, and all employees dealing with autistic patients.

Venue Scope:

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre in Riyadh

Financial Scope:

SAR 32,000,000 for three years.

Project Justifications:

  • Quick free diagnosis for autism patients.
  • Train families of children with autism on how to deal with them.
  • Develop and advance the efficiency of employees in the field of autism.

حقائق وأرقام (خلال 10 أشهر):

  • The number of newly diagnosed cases is 135..
  • The number of trainees is 2,096 , including (trainees who attended meetings, lectures and virtual reality techniques to help autism patients, and awareness meetings).
  • The number of treatment sessions is 3,125 including therapeutic and consultancy sessions in psychological treatment, occupational treatment, speech treatment, and provision of special education services.
  • Total beneficiaries are 8,129.